How To Get Netflix (and more) In South Africa

My friend @rgcrichton recently told me about a pretty cool service called UnoDNS™. This service allows you to access sites like Netflix (full channel list) by using DNS hacks to trick sites into thinking you’re based in the relevant county (more details here).

To set up the service, simply sign up here (you get a week of service for free), then set up your computer using the appropriate tutorial here (it doesn’t really matter which DNS servers you choose). If you’re a bit more tech savvy, I recommend configuring the DHCP server on your LAN to hand out your chosen DNS servers along with the IP addresses. The banner at the top of the quickstart page will tell you if your setup is correct and what to do if it isn’t.

Once you’re set up with UnoDNS™, go to Netflix, sign up (you get a month free) and start streaming :).

I have a 4mbps ADSL line and I’ve only seen the video buffer once in (many) hours of watching. I think this was due to a recent Netflix outage though.


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